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Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® is an award winning program developed by a German medical doctor. It has more than 20 years of research behind it, and is now growing in popularity here in the UK. Clients are reporting improvements in energy and vitality, as well as stabilised weight. The metabolic changes brought on by this program prevent the yo-yo effect frequently experienced with other diets, where the weight lost is quickly regained.

Much More Than A Weight Loss Plan!

Metabolic Balance® clients have reported improvements in the following conditions: *


  • Obesity/cravings

  • Sugar and fat metabolism disorders

  • Cardiovascular diseases, eg. atherosclerosis

  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol

  • Rheumatic/arthritic conditions

  • Migraines

  • Liver/gall bladder issues

  • Kidney and bladder disorders

  • Poor digestion

  • Poor performance and lack of drive

  • Endocrine disorders/Menopausal symptoms

  • Osteoporosis

  • Allergies/Skin disorders

  • Insomnia/snoring

  • Gout

    A personalised nutrition plan is generated for the client, following laboratory analysis of a blood sample. The plan involves four phases, and as clients move through these phases they frequently report weight adjustment, vitality and enhanced energy, and an increase in general health and well being. The client is fully supported with a package of consultations and regular body composition analysis, to track changes and monitor progress.

    *Note: The program does not replace any possible or ongoing medical treatments and any concerns should be discussed with your health advisor/doctor.

    Why is Metabolic Balance® different to other “diets”?

    The programme uses your blood analysis, details of any health issues you may have and your body measurements to generate a personal eating plan designed specifically for you. Metabolic balance® should not be confused with the generic blood type diet or metabolic typing programmes. It is based on your own blood chemistry, not blood type or body type, and since no two people will be alike in this respect the dietary plan you receive will have been tailor made for you.

    Metabolic Balance® Program - Price - £995*

  •  price includes:

  • Initial consultation - Body Composition Analysis, Measurements, Goal Setting

  • Provision of blood sample kit

  • Analysis of blood at a London laboratory

  • A completely unique personalised 4 phase nutrition plan, based on results of blood analysis

  • A package of consultations personalised to your requirements over a 12 week period

  • Telephone and email support

  • Regular body composition analysis to track changes and monitor progress

*Blood draw cost is not included as this varies according to method chosen

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