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Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation  - 1 hour - £125
Follow up £85

These are mainly done online (Zoom)

Telephone and email support also available

Upon booking your consultation, you will be sent detailed questionnaires, either by post or by email. These should  be returned to me at least two days before your appointment. This is important to allow sufficient time for analysis and research, and so that we can make best use of the time available when we meet.

At your appointment, you will be given the chance to discuss your concerns and I may ask further relevant questions. I will explain what I think might be contributing to your problems and we will then discuss a plan of action for you. I will refer to or liaise with your GP should this be necessary at any time, and with your agreement.

The emphasis of your plan will be on dietary and/or lifestyle changes, but might also include supplement recommendations. We can work together to make these changes at a pace that you choose. Everyone is different and some prefer to ‘get stuck in’ whilst others choose to implement changes gradually. You will leave the consultation with a clear idea of several steps you can action straight away to start working towards your goal.

A wide range of tests are also available, to help identify underlying nutritional and biochemical imbalances. Blood, urine, saliva or stool samples are all analysed in approved medical laboratories, with a fully comprehensive report which will be interpreted for you.Tests and supplements are optional and are charged as extras.

Please note that advice is not intended to replace that of a medically qualified professional. You should always check with your GP prior to taking any natural health product if you are currently on medication or have an existing health concern.

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